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Biography & Work
Nicholas Hopkins has been taking pictures continuously over the past 20 years and has an archive of over 20,000 images. He is self taught, and enjoys distilling striking images from everyday scenes. He uses little equipment; just a simple mechanical camera (a 35mm range finder) with a standard lens, almost all images taken hand-held. Nicholas always uses natural light and takes unstaged pictures. Each image is hand printed and treated with selenium to prevent fading.
Nicholas employs all weather conditions to bring out the textures of his subject matter, either profiting from clear sharp days to maximise detail and contrast, or, especially in city scenes, using rain to let reflections shine off the tarmac or off cars and trains.
Although contemporary in subject matter Nicholas' pictures are redolent of the 1950s and have a cinematic quality. Amongst his influences he names August Sander and Albert Renger Patzsch.
In his city scenes, Nicholas captures still moments against a busy urban background. Deep focus enables the subject and background to be seen in equal detail thus recording the minutiae of a city's everyday life.
In the countryside, he concentrates on the forms and patterns that are to be found in nature. He instinctively notes compositions that convey a feeling of space or emotion. Over the last few years Nicholas has been visiting selected sites around Lavenham and documenting changes in weather, crops and light.
Locations for photographs include:New York, California, Estonia and Latvia, London, Countryside, especially Suffolk, Poland, Ukraine, Andalusia, Germany, Portugal, Vienna,
Past Exhibitions:
June 1994: Battersea Film Festival “La Grande Fumee” (8mm film, 28 mins)
June 1995: Battersea Film Festival “Obscure Angles of Desire” (16mm film, 5 mins)
Dec 2003 – Jan 2004: “Loitering with Intent” Solo show at Bolands wine bar. Brixton, London
May 2004: “Nihilism” – group show – Hackney wick - Decima
June 2004: “Roadscapes and Railways – Man Made Landscapes” Solo show
Shell International – Shell Centre, London
August 2005: “Kinky Kalinky” film – film video camera work
June 2007 - June 2016: Lavenham Open Studios
October 2009: Art Ohne Grenzen Gallery, Hassenheide , Berlin
Group show
December 2009: What Happens After the Ball – Group show Piccadilly,London
January 2014: Blacks Private Members Club – Group Show
December 2014: Phoenix Café Brixton – Group Show
July 2015: Saffron Walden Library – Group show
September 2015: “ The Poetics of Space” – Group show
Safehouse 1, Peckham, London
February 2016: Editions, Group show – Orion Contemporary, London
Purchasing photographs
Nicholas Hopkins hand-prints his black and white photographs, and because of the individual attention given to each print, no two are identical.
Prints are available un-mounted, mounted or mounted and framed (subject to collection/delivery arrangements).
All photographs are available in the following sizes: 10x8, 9x12, 12x16, 16x20, 20x24
Sizes given are for the size of the paper on which the photos are printed, image sizes may vary from this due to the varying formats of different cameras; e.g. Standard format 35mm film is 24x36mm, a ratio of 3x2, so a full frame photograph will not be compatible with the dimensions of paper commercially on offer. Printed photographs will usually be full frame, but with cropped pictures it is possible to print larger than full frame will allow.
Private Commissions
Group or individual portraits: to mark a birthday or special occasion.
House and garden: as a present, souvenir or record of your house.
Commercial Commissions
In the context of corporate spaces such as reception areas and meeting rooms, the photograph can be the ideal decoration, providing both a contemporary feel and establishing the local credentials of the business in the eyes of visitors. A well chosen and presented photograph can set your corporate space apart from the ordinary.
After consultation as to your requirements I can either offer a selection of existing photographs on different themes or by commission take new photographs to suit your needs and location.
Forthcoming Exhibitions
Tuesday 15 March 2016
CONTRAST: Leo Bieber & Nicholas Hopkins, Orion Contemporary, 12, 21 Wren St, London WC1X 0HF
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